City of Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna.

The weekend hikes to downtown Kelowna begin in February (today in fact) and it is
fun to walk when the sun is out and reflecting off the snow. It warms the heart after a snowy cold winter and hints of nature’s renewal. It is also fascinating to see the renewal and transformation in the City. You see so much more when walking and there is a lot going on!

As the City of Kelowna website states. “Waterfront amenities combine with historic charm to attract people to dine out, attend cultural events, shop or work in the heart of Kelowna — the largest centre in the B.C. Interior.” Beginning in 2007 with theSkye Tower at Waterscapes, the 2nd tallest building in Kelowna which was once the old industrial and old railroad section of Kelowna, to the Madison,the new Tech Innovation centre to house the ever growing tech Industry in Kelowna, the new Interior Health building to the recent Sole downtown Apartments and 1151 Sunset Drive. If that was not enough the construction of a new 24 storey hotel is slated for this year which will also house a Conference Centre and Commercial Complex.

The City of Kelowna states that “Downtown projects benefit from 29 per cent lower development cost charges and priority processing of rezoning applications that are consistent with adopted plans. Properties may qualify for exemptions of up to 100 per cent of incremental property taxes and the City offers $200,000 in annual grants to encourage construction of affordable rental housing. Regardless of size, only one parking stall is required per dwelling unit.”

It is a beautiful and very exciting City and one that we are all proud to be part of. Get out there and see for yourself!