South Pandosy

In 1859, Charles Pandosy, the Patron Saint of the Okanagan, moved to the area as a Missionary and went on to establish a settlement. Recognizing the potential for agricultural pursuits he planted the first apple trees, and like the other fruits he encouraged others to plant, they flourished.

Although Pandosy’s Historic home and Chapel is on Benvoulin, South Pandosy bears his name. The area’s appeal is proximity to the Lake and some of the flattest land in Kelowna. There are many historic homes that are undergoing modernization and revitalization, and many of the established streets are now prime real estate for the discerning buyer.

Kelowna General Hospital and the businesses along Pandosy Street provide a hub for many trendy shopping and grocery stores, restaurants and banks, and this has meant that the area is an ideal place to find entry level homes, townhouses, apartments as well as historic and multi- million dollar homes all within walking distance to the many public beaches, parks and wonderful Lakeside dining.

This is a beautiful place to call home, for the young, old or those in between!